Beauty is a mind, body and soul experience.

Welcome to the experience of Holistic Beauty with Joy Nichelle Randall! Find products here that not only stimulate the senses but become a part of your daily self care rituals. My body products are made in small batches with the highest quality essential oils, herbs and ingredients. I pride myself on the love and care that I put into each bottle and jar. This is not just a business for me. It is a way of supporting my community with the gifts I was created to share. Thank you in advance for "Shopping where you are Loved".

I created my line of "Self Care" products in 2017 by simply giving gifts of homemade body butters and body scrubs as holiday gifts to clients and friends. They LOVED the gifts! And I soon discovered a real love and passion for creating these products. I started to welcome the process as an expansion to my makeup artistry business. I knew that my clients deserved an experience with beauty that lasted longer than makeup that could wash off at night. Each product was developed intuitively and I am constantly inspired by the testimonials shared with me by those who use them. 

My mission is to turn simple every day acts into moments of self love. Whether it be taking a bath a night with a delicious milk bath, applying a body butter in your favorite fragrance or spritzing your office at work for some mid-day aromatherapy; it's doing little things for yourself daily that add balance to the daily challenges of life. As I always say, life happens, you have to find the beauty.
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