Florida Water


Use Florida Water Cologne like Holy Water for cleansing, good luck and protection... Florida Water is used in energetic cleansing and home protection. It can be worn on the body as a fragrance, used as an ingredient in energy works or by itself as a cologne, put in the bath water and misted in the environment to purify it. It has a wonderful spicy and floral fragrance.

This Florida Water is created with the purest of intention and finest ingredients. It is ALL NATURAL and made with real essential oils, dried, fresh herbs in a Rum base. This product is naturally antibacterial. Keeping bowls of Florida Water in the home can ward off negativity and keep high vibrations within your space. Wash new items that you bring into the home (crystals, thrifted clothing & anything previously owned)

Dried Lavender
Dried Rose
Dried Lemon Verbena
Dried Jasmine
Fresh Rosemary
Fresh Lemon
Star Anise
Sandalwood Oil
Lemongrass Oil
Vanilla Oil
Sweet Orange Oil

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