PVO "Positive Vibes Only" Yoga Mat Spray


**Sample Size Now Available**
Another amazing Beauty Spray by The Beauty Influencer! Stay in the flow of Positive Vibes with PVO Spray. And keep the negativity away. The base is Mint water. Fragranced with an essential oil blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary & clary sage. Intentionally charged with Serpentine Stones. This spray creates a protective energy into any atmosphere it’s sprayed into. Protection in the form of Self Love at it's core. All natural and safe to use on the skin as a body spray, hand sanitizer, or air freshener. You can even spray it onto your sheets before bed for a lovely sleeping experience. Don't be surprised if that hater at work can't seem to bother you anymore! No haters? Well don't be surprised when anyone causing you discomfort starts to feel uncomfortable around you.Don't worry, it's always peaceful as long as you are! I just create it. The mindfulness you need with it is not included. I have testimonies about the power of this product that I am happy to share! Feel free to message me.

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