Brown Sugar & Rose Body Scrub


This is the Signature Body Scrub made by The Beauty Influencer! Brown Sugar blended with salt, avocado and grape seed oils. Adorned with crushed Bulgarian Rose Petals. Feminine rose fragrance and splashed with a subtle “rose gold” shimmer for a subtle glow! This scrub is so rich you won’t even need lotion afterwards. The perfect addition to your daily or weekly self care ritual.

How to use:
Take a liberal amount into the hands and apply in a circular motion all over the body. Start with the feet and work your way up. Apply an even amount until you reach the neckline. Not formulated to be used on the face. Rinse until all grittiness is removed. Towel off and pat dry. Rub remaining oil into the skin. Can be applied to wet skin or dry for deeper exfoliating. *please be careful when using in the shower*

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