Himalayan Pink Salt Fire Bowl with Massage Stones


Heated handmade massage stones that help reduce stress and loosen tense muscles.

Electrical Plug & 15 Watt Incandescent Bulb Included

Bring home the healing powers of the ancient seas with these Himalayan Salt Massage Stones! For centuries, this ‘miracle’ salt has been a best kept secret for it’s restoring, hydrating and balancing effects. With its mineral and element rich composition, these salts mined in Pakistan, can be used in many beneficial ways.

The Himalayan Salt has been used for centuries to improve skin conditions, alleviate breathing ailments, and strengthen the immune system. They are completely natural and have no harmful side effects.

Directions for use:
Simply plug in the bowl and allow the stones to warm. Roll the stones on tense muscles to relieve pain and discomfort

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